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With a variety ways to select talent

Everyone has their own strengths, not individuals also have their own shortcomings, to play to their maximum ability, to create more value for large enterprises, is the talent we need, regardless of education level, seniority young and old.

Talents with both ability and integrity

Reuse ethical capable people.

Jobs Center

Recruitment of foreign trade clerk 2
Location: Yuhuan Zhejiang
Jobs: 2人
Emolument: Basic salary + commission
Time:2016.01.30 - 2017.06.01
Contact Person:
Tel: 0576-87366999
Address: No.49, Fugang Road, Bingang Industrial Mega-Center, Yuhuan, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China
Post Code: 317600
E-mail: info@chinaxingwang.com sales@chinaxingwang.com
Responsibility: To open up new markets and the original market customer contact, business negotiation and contract signed;
Collect market information, analyze market trends, improve the customer database;
Implement the promotion plan, organize to participate in overseas exhibitions and exhibitions;
Requirement: formal institutions of university undergraduate education, international trade and other related professional graduates, more than 1 years of international trade work experience;
be familiar with business negotiation skills, to expand the brand market, gold financial means of delivery, and related countries import and export laws, regulations, policies and regulations, industry international trade working experience is preferred;
? ? proficient in spoken English. Business negotiation skills and business correspondence writing