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    Function and characteristics of explosion-proof fan!

    Everyone is familiar with the fan. Because in our life and work, we will see and contact with fans. The fans in the explosion-proof fan production workshop are divided into centrifugal fans and axial fans. Electric fan and hair dryer are all axial flow fans. Smoke extractors and air conditioners are centrifugal fans.

    Of course, all of the above are household and industrial applications. Today, let's talk about one of the centrifugal fans: explosion-proof fan. Explosion proof fan is literally a fan that can prevent explosion. Maybe many people don't know why to use explosion-proof fan? Don't fans explode?

    In fact, explosion prevention in explosion-proof fan is not fan explosion, but dust explosion prevention in production environment. In some industries, during the production process, some flammable and explosive dust and substances will be produced. For example: metal dust, pulverized coal and other dusts. In the production process, in order to prevent this kind of dust from flying in the air, the exhaust equipment is generally used for extraction and collection.

    In this process, if the fan collides and sparks, it is extremely dangerous. Therefore, explosion-proof treatment shall be carried out for the fan at this time, that is, explosion-proof fan shall be used. Explosion proof fans are specially treated, and the materials used are different from ordinary fans.

    1. The impeller of explosion-proof fan is aluminum impeller, which is mainly used to prevent sparks when the impeller collides with the volute.

    2. The motor of explosion-proof fan must be explosion-proof motor.