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    Precautions for purchasing explosion-proof fan

    1. The model of the fan shall be determined according to the required air volume, wind dust and the selected fan type.

    2. In order to facilitate the connection and installation of the ventilator and the system pipeline, appropriate outlet direction and transmission mode of the ventilator shall be selected.

    3. The explosion-proof fan shall meet the requirements of air volume and air pressure, and the fan with low noise shall be selected as far as possible.

    4. When purchasing, check the inside of the casing and other casings to prevent leaving tools or debris.

    5. The explosion-proof grade at home and abroad is Class II, and the ability to develop Class I is temporarily unavailable. Class II refers to all electrical equipment used in explosive gas environment except coal mine and underground. Generally, fans are equipped with such motors. Class II can also be divided into Class IIA, IIB and IIC. Equipment marked with IIB can be applied to the use conditions of IIA equipment, and IIC can be applied to the use conditions of IIA and IIB.