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    Is it better to choose explosion-proof fans with lower noise levels?

    With the normal operation of the explosion-proof fan, the noise cannot be eliminated. The latest research shows that as long as the wind speed exceeds 0.75m/s, noise will be generated. Of course, the lower the wind speed, the less noise is produced. Noise is harmful pollution. In our design, we always strive to minimize the noise of fan equipment as much as possible. With the development of fan technology, the noise pollution we can achieve is also decreasing.

    Is that because when selecting a fan, the lower the noise, the better? Low noise is certainly good, but its economy must be taken into consideration. The lower the required noise, the higher the required fan cost. Approximately every 10 decibels decrease, the cost of the wind turbine doubles (empirical value, non-linear). Most fans have a minimum noise level that cannot be lower than 35dBA. So when choosing a fan, there is no need to necessarily pursue low noise, just within a reasonable range that is acceptable to oneself.